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Protect your stone with silicone!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Silicone?

What a Sili question! 🙂

Silicone is a high quality, high durability, heat resistant, easily cleanable, impact resistant, and highly flexible material. It’s really kind of magical if you think about it. It has all the characteristics we needed for the SiliSink kitchen sink edge protector.

Is SiliSink Heat Resistant and Dishwasher Safe?

Yes! The SiliSink sink edge protector itself is made of 100% silicone which is heat resistant up to 570 Degrees Fahrenheit. The Caddy is made of polycarbonate. Both are dishwasher safe on the top rack.

Can Water Get Between the SiliSink and My Countertop?

Yes, but that’s why we made it dishwasher safe! Trying to make that connection waterproof would have resulted in a much more permanent product, and the SiliSink edge guard is designed to be removable so you can clean your countertop.

Where Is It Made?

We are working with a factory in India to produce our products. We have intentionally decided not to manufacture in China.

What is the Purpose of the Ribs at the Corner?

The reinforcing ribs provide additional strength and impact resistance so when you slap a frying pan up against the SiliSink sink saddle, your stone doesn’t feel a thing.

Why are there four holes when the Caddy only needs two? Can I buy another Caddy separately?

The additional holes allow you to put the Caddy on the right, left, or center depending on where you want it when you’re washing dishes. You can also purchase a second Caddy if you want two, and in the future there will be other accessories which can also hang from those slotted holes.