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Protect your stone with silicone!

SiliSink Silicone Edge Protector for Kitchen Sinks

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This model of SiliSink is designed to fit a stone lip that is 3.75-4″ wide. Please measure your stone before ordering.



  • PREVENTS CHIPPING: The SiliSink kitchen sink edge protector will keep your granite or stone countertops safe from chipping when you’re cleaning up after dinnertime. The silicone saddle acts as a guard for your countertop while also protecting your glassware, dishes, pots, and pans from damage.
  • MINIMIZES WATER MESS: Along with protecting your countertop and kitchen supplies from damage, the SiliSink edge guard prevents water runoff on the counter from soaking into your clothes. The design of the side and back dams redirects water from washing cookware back into the basin rather than letting it run onto the counter, floor, or your shirt.
  • SPONGE STORAGE: The SiliSink edge protector will become one of your favorite kitchen sink accessories, as it also includes a sponge caddy on the inner side, so your sponge can drain directly into the sink. This prevents a mess on your counter while also keeping the sponge in a convenient place, right where you use it.
  • PROTECTS YOUR BACK: Using our silicone sink saddle is a great way to save yourself the back pain of leaning over into the basin every time you clean up after a meal. With the SiliSink, you can wash your pans and kitchenware at counter height, making the experience more comfortable.
  • PREVENTS BURNS: The durable silicone of the SiliSink sink edge guard protects stone countertops from thermal shock if you place cookware on it while still hot.
  • DURABLE AND HIGH QUALITY: This kitchen sink edge protector is made from high-quality silicone rubber, making it a durable, sustainable, long-lasting, and premium kitchen accessory. The caddy is made from durable polycarbonate to hold up against everyday use.
  • STAYS IN PLACE: The durable silicone material the sink edge guard is made from ensures it does not shift once in place (as long as you measure your sink before ordering).
  • EASY CARE: Dishwasher safe and easy to clean.

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Beige Matte, Black Diamond, Clear Diamond, Frosted Matte, Gray Matte, White Matte


4 in x 14 in (Regular SiliSink), 4 in x 20 in (SiliSink XL)

4 reviews for SiliSink Silicone Edge Protector for Kitchen Sinks

  1. Gail Cramer

    My SiliSink edge protector has saved my expensive stone countertop from chipping multiple times! It really works, it looks good, it cleans up easily. Can’t imagine not using one (or two)!

  2. Lisa

    A great product for protecting stone! It’s stylish and functional, well-made and durable, and the sponge caddy is an excellent touch!

  3. Karl Breneisen

    This is a fine product and I couldn’t be happier. The SiliSink fits perfectly and is easy to care for, provides a great work surface for leverage, and helps with splashing too. Great product, highly recommended.

  4. Nick (verified owner)

    I have soapstone countertops – which I mostly love except for the fact that they chip easily. With all the “in and out” of pots, pans, and dishes, the countertop edge around the sink takes more of a beating than other areas. The SiliSink Edge protector is pretty much exactly what I’ve wanted for years! I’m very pleased with the product and I wish I had found it sooner!

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